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  • Understanding and Selecting Attributes

    PinPics Admin

    When Adding a Pin to the database, there are a lot of little check boxes for Attributes at the bottom of the form. Some pins fall into very few of these categories, some pins fall in many. These "Attributes" are actually search filters that you can use to filter results when searching the database. What you really want to keep in mind when chooses Attributes is what someone would be likely to be searching for when looking for the pin your are describing. Doing your best to choose correct attributes is a great step in helping the search results in the future.


    Selecting attributes that do not fit the pin will just clog up searches with unrelated results. Below is the list of Attributes and a brief description after to explain what sort of pin feature goes with that attribute.



    Anniversary – Does the pin specifically say it is celebrating an anniversary of something or is it from an Anniv. Series/Set? Sometimes
    it is the card or the back of the pin that states Anniversary.

    Annual Passholder – Was this pin only sold to Annual Passholders? Does it say Annual Passholder on the front or back?

    AP / PP / Variant – Is this pin LISTING an Artist Proof (AP), Pre-Production (PP) or some other variant (This is mainly just for
    AP/PP/Variants listed already in the database. This should not be checked in new listing submissions, as this is only for listings
    already created for one of these.)

    Artist Choice / Featured Artist – Does this pin indicate it is an Artist Choice or has a Featured Artist? Most often on the back of the
    pin or the card.
    Attraction – Is this pin specifically referring to a particular attraction?
    Award – Was this pin an award for something?
    Booster Set – Is this pin a part of a booster set?

    Build-a-Pin – Is this pin part of the Build-a-Pin program?

    Button – Is this a pinback button (instead of a pin)?
    Cartoon / Short Film / Comic – Does this pin represent a cartoon, short film or comic?
    Castle – Is one of the castles featured prominently on the pin?

    Cast Lanyard Series – Is this pin part of a cast lanyard series and say Cast Lanyard on the back?

    Cast Member Exclusive – Was this pin sold (or given) exclusively to Cast Members?
    Cruise Line / Vacation Club – Is this pin sold, given out by, or featuring the Cruise Line or Vacation Club?
    Character – Does this pin feature a particular character(s)?
    D23 – Is this a pin sold exclusively to D23 members?

    Dangle – Does a portion of the pin dangle below/above the main part of the pin or is part connected by chain?

    Diorama/3D Sculpted – Is this pin a diorama (where the pin is very 3-Dimentional, like the terrariums or the shelf pins) or 3D Sculpted to that there is depth and shape to it when viewed form the side (typically rounded or "lumpy", as in busts and many characters)?
    Event / Commemorative – Is this pin featuring a specific event or commemorating something in particular, i.e. Grand Opening,
    MNSSHP, Father's Day

    Feature Film – Is this pin specifically regarding a particular Feature Film, i.e. a movie poster, movie logo?

    Framed Set – Is this a framed set of pins, all sold together, usually with a background picture? Or a pin from a framed set?
    Free D – Is there Free D (an applied piece/section of PVC rubber) element/device on the pin?

    GAME Prize – Was this pin given as a prize in some sort of game? (Particularly SDR, HKDL, TDR, where pins are won in arcades or
    during game events.)

    Glow in the Dark – Does part of the pin glow in the dark?
    Hidden Mickey – Does the pin have the Hidden Mickey symbol on it and say Hidden Mickey on the back?

    Hinged – Is the pin hinged, opening to reveal more of the pin?

    Holiday – Is this pin specifically celebrating a particular holiday?
    Icon / Ears / Hat – Is the pin in the shape of or does it prominently feature the Mickey icon, Mickey ears and/or an earhat?

    Jeweled – Are there jewels on this pin?

    Jumbo – Is this pin at least 3” high?
    Lanyard – Is this a set sold on a lanyard or a listing for just a lanyard?

    Lanyard Medallion – Is this a medallion that would hang at the bottom of a lanyard?

    Lenticular – Does this pin have a lenticular/Holographic feature (moving the pin reveals a different picture)?

    Light Up – Does the pin light up?
    Logo – Is this pin a logo of something or prominently feature a logo of a Park, Film, Company, etc.?

    Map – Is this a map or a portion of a map?
    Marvel – Is this pin produced by Marvel or feature a Marvel film/Character/Comic?

    Movement / Slider / Spinner – Is there movement, is there a part of the pin that slides or spins?

    Mystery Group – Is this pin a part of a mystery group/Blind Box series?
    Park – Is this pin featuring a particular park (or multiple parks)?

    Pin on Pin (Multi-Layered) – Is this pin made up of 2 or more pin layers, one on top of the other (rivets will be seen on the back)?

    Puzzle – Is this pin a part of a puzzle?
    Resort / Club – Does this pin specifically mention a particular resort or club?

    Restaurant / Shop – Is this pin featuring a particular restaurant or shop?

    Ride – Is this pin featuring a particular ride?
    Series / Set – Is this pin a part of a series or a set? It is only a set if all of the pins were all sold together. A series is when
    matching/coordinating pins are released together but not sold together in one pack/box/card.

    Sparkle / Glitter – Is there sparkle or glitter on any part of the pin?

    Stained Glass – Is a portion of this pin a translucent stained glass, no matter what color?
    State – Does this pin specifically identify one particular US State?
    TV Show / Series – Is this pin specifically featuring a TV show or TV series? Includes Disney+ Series/Shows




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