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    Molly & Joe purchased PinPics in June 2021, with the goal of enlarging the go-to Database resource and creating an online social community for Disney Pin lovers everywhere. Like the adventurers of old, heading forward in unexplored frontier lands, Molly & Joe have the enthusiasm and drive needed to turn their dreams into reality. And, with more ideas than time, they have their work cut out for them! Their weekly PinPics Live Pin Sales keep the boat afloat for now, but their real devotion is to growing the Pin Database. In their free time (LOL), they indulge themselves in a little personal pin collecting: Joe with his Jessica Rabbit collection; and Texas-born-and-bred Molly with her many, including (but certainly not limited to) Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, and Peter Pan. Molly & Joe live in northeast Ohio, in a home maintained expressly for the comfort of their two Cocker Spaniels, Mojo and Coco!


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    Holland Hayes (ScoopsPins) shares his Disney-pin expertise and fun-filled experiences of magical service at Disney World's Magic Kingdom as SCOOP SANDERSON, the energetic, pin-trading reporter who roamed Main Street for 17 years and entertained two generations of guests. “In the summer of 1999,  I was hired as an actor at Magic Kingdom and Scoop Sanderson was born. One day early on, it occurred to me that trading pins with guests might be a cool and unique thing for my character to do.” Holland and his wife still live in Florida, not far from the park, sharing the house with Igby the cat.



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    While Ken’s (Dragon57) background as a Microwave Antenna Engineer didn’t prepare him for life as a Disney pin trader, we’re glad he found his way to the hobby when he did. His computer-tech skills make him an invaluable asset to the team, and his willingness to speedily resolve any task thrown his way is a rare and admirable quality in a volunteer. When Ken discovered pin trading in 2008, it was “the deep end of the pool” from the get-go. “We were walking into Magic Kingdom, and a Cast Member was handing out the Hidden Mickey page that showed what pins were in the different sets and explained what pin trading was. It was my first time at WDW. We (the wife and I) bought a starter set of pins to start trading. That first trip cost me over $600 buying pins to trade (LOL). I don't remember the first pin I traded for, but the first pin I bought to keep was the mini jumbo pin of Figment and Dream Finder, an LE1000.” As an inveterate completist, Hidden Mickeys are his passion. Ken and his wife share space in a Northern California home with their dog, Oliver the Maltese Yorkie mix. His wife enjoys trading pins at the park but doesn’t concentrate on the collecting end of things. Oliver doesn’t care about pins at all, but Ken and Dorine still love him.





    The PinPics Pin Database would not be what it is without the untiring efforts of Terry (micksmaster). As a behind-the-scenes team member, she’s one of a small-but-dedicated group that keeps the database ever growing and improving. As a veteran genealogist, she’s never found any pin traders in previous generations, but she and her family are leaving a strong mark in the family tree. “In 2017, I got involved in trading pins off the boards at Walt Disney World. When we got home, I found out just how much I didn't know about Disney pins and how many pins were available. I started buying and trading pins right away, and the rest, as they say, is history. Early on, I discovered PinPics and started keeping my pins organized on their database.” Terry and her family (including two daughters and three grandchildren) call Wisconsin home, where she avidly trades (online, of course) to build her Florida Orange Bird and Seven Dwarfs collections. Hubby collects Mr Incredible and Baloo pins, because they’re the only characters that stand 6'5" like him.


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    Known to all as “The Twins”, Sarah and Elizabeth (TheTwins) bring an energy to the PinPics staff that keeps us all on our toes. As the youngest members of our team, they keep us focused and moving forward on the many projects in our proverbial fire. Their devotion to PinPics makes them a valuable asset around here, and we’re excited about having them on board with us. “We were born in Miami, and our extended family is still scattered around Florida. In December 2016, we went to Disney Springs for the first time in our lives. (Gramma told us that it was just a kind of unimpressive strip mall with Disney-themed stores in it.) On that trip, in the World of Disney store, we saw the cutest lanyard with Chip & Dale all over it (PP122609). As much as we liked it, we didn’t carry keys or an ID badge around our necks, and we had no idea that “pin trading” even existed. Back at Gramma’s house, we told our cousin all about this cute lanyard we’d seen and asked her why Disney was selling so many lanyards. She told us all about pin trading. It didn’t seem like a good Ohio hobby, but we decided that a pair of those lanyards (covered in Chip & Dale pins) might make a cute bedroom decor. Since we weren’t going back to Disney Springs, we went on eBay to buy the lanyards and had them shipped back home so they’d be waiting for us. As Humphrey Bogart once said, it was ‘the beginning of a beautiful friendship’”. The Twins’ pin collecting is as divergent, though, as they are identical in appearance. Sarah keenly goes after Aulani/Hawaii, Baby Yoda, Moana, the Hula Girls from Small World, Beauty & the Beast, and Minnie Mouse. Elizabeth’s just crazy about Anna & Elsa from Frozen, Kevin from Pixar Up, Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues, World Showcase and snack foods (because of Goofy’s Candy Co). Their shared boards include Chip & Dale and anything Tokyo DisneySea (as in Duffy & Friends). Sarah and Elizabeth live with their parents in a 150-year-old house in Central Ohio. A house with old lath-and-plaster walls. Just the kind you need to safely hang lots and lots of heavy pin boards. The Girls are still trying to teach Henry the orange-striped cat to sort pins in exchange for a can of wet food.



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    Ever notice that some pin listings have been submitted with almost no information, while others appear to be packed with all the info the search engine needs to enable you to find them? Mario (buzz2001) is one of our detail-oriented team members who spend their “free time” turning the former into the latter. When this lifelong-Connecticut Disney collector isn’t working on making the PinPics database an easier place to navigate, you'll find him and his wife travelling (mostly to WDW), bonding with the grandkids, and working on their Disneyana collection. (As a career Transportation Industry man, one has to wonder if he goes to the parks for the rides or prefers to use his own two legs to get around.) Mario's a welcome regular at the "Every Thursday Night" Zoom Pin Party on PinPics and one of our best forum posters. They say that still waters run deep in the "quiet ones", and Mario's no exception to the rule, recently owning up to 25 years of being hooked on all things Disney. "Our first family trip to WDW was in 1998. After that, my daughter and I frequented our local Disney Store, just for its entertainment value. In late 1999 or early 2000, I bought my first pins, the Countdown to the Millennium series. Then came the "100 Years of Dreams" series. And the Disney Auctions (loved the early Stitch pins). We've taken a Disney Pin Trading Cruise, enjoyed the first Happy Haunts event, and met Scoop on Main Street. We became part of a Connecticut pin-trading group that met monthly at our local mall (where the DS existed at the time) and often ate dinner at the local Rainforest Cafe. Great times. Great memories." Mario and Annette (wife of 37 years, named for the Mouseketeer) have one daughter who blessed them with twin granddaughters in 2021. Mario says they're still too young for pin trading, but he's poised for action when they do reach that milestone. Until then, the family works on growing their various Disney collections, including snow globes, storybook ornaments, pins, frames and artwork. Of course, Mario's always game to trade on PinPics!

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