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  • How to Print All (or part) of Your Collection In PinPics

    PinPics Admin

    Why might you want to print your PinPics collection? Perhaps you are going to a trading event and want to have a list of pins you are looking for or pins you have to trade? Maybe you want to use the printout to help you track your inventory. Whatever the reason, printing any or all of your collection is pretty simple.


    First, choose My Pins in the dropdown under Dashboard at the top of the page. This will bring up your Dashboard:




    You can see how many pins you own, want and have to trade. By default, the pins shown will be the ones you own and will be sorted by Newest first (but if you have any pins marked as grails, they will always appear at the top). If you wish to show your pins by Oldest first, you just need to click on Oldest and the view will change to Oldest first but again, if you have any marked grails, they will appear first


    If you want to print your entire collection, while you are in this view, click the printer icon by Actions. The more pins you have in your collection, the longer it will take for the .pdf to be generated. You will receive a notification that your .pdf is ready to download. You will see 80 pins on a page, 8 rows of 5 each. The printout will have your PinPics user name in the heading as XXXXX's Pin Collection. The PinPics number will be beneath each picture. This document is "live" and by clicking on the number, it will take you directly to that pin in the PinPics database. 


    If you want to print your Wants or Trades, choose that option in your Dashboard. You will then see all of the pins in that category of your collection. Follow the same directions as above once you have the pins you want on the screen.
    What if you only want to print a particular subject, for instance, Stitch? No matter which of the three options you choose, Owns, Wants or Trades, you can narrow it down by subject. In the "Search my pins" box, type the subject you are looking for.
    This will eliminate all other pins that don't fall into that subject. You can create a .pdf of all the Stitch pins in your collection, all the Stitch pins you want or all the Stitch pins you have to trade, depending on which option you choose. 

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