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How to message a member about a particular pin when you don't have a trade match


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Sometimes you find a pin you "really" need and there is no trade match for someone who is trading it. There is an easy way to contact a member about a particular pin without having to have a trade match.

Whether you get to it by clicking the "traders" number on a pin page and then selecting a username, or if you are just browsing a user's traders on their profile - Locate the pin in their trade listings and you'll see a button on the right side of each pin that looks like a grey circle with a blue envelope in the center. Click the button that is next to the pin you'd like to inquire about:


Once you click the button, it will start a chat between you and the member with that pin linked at the top so that both parties can easily see what pin you'd be discussing. You will be able to add your own message and it is just like a PM, except it automatically embeds the pin info for you!

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