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  • About Us

    PinPics has new ownership…. In June 2021 the ownership and control of PinPics was handed over to a new group. This new group has no ties, affiliation or guidance from the previous ownership or operating groups. We are working to bring the most and best available information to the pinning community. Many new enhancements are on the horizon. New features and enhancements will be added on a regular basis.


    Over the years, pins have flourished as both a collectible and as an artistic platform, and at PinPics we believe in encouraging collectors to embrace pins as examples of creative achievement. We wish to nurture the advancement of pins, in the belief that some of these pieces stand as works of art and warrant treatment as such. Hopefully by doing so, pins can be elevated to their deserved place within the collecting community. Using this framework, PinPics is also allowing all to participate in this fun hobby. Pins have allowed the artists to continue narratives off screen, this has in some cases enabled an expansion of the characters themselves. Our intention is to provide a safe platform where collectors can share, trade, discuss and expand their love of pin collecting.

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