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Duffy Bear and Friends - Any other fans?


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Just had to share a picture of our latest Disney collection acquisition -- we've finally got a complete collection of the Duffy and Friends plush!!
We're really crazy about them and love the little stop-motion videos that the Asian Disney Parks release, and we'd been wishing for the plush for sometime. But they're rather hard to come by genuine versions. You really need to be able to purchase them from one of the Asian parks or at Aulani. We were able to purchase genuine Disney Parks versions of Duffy and ShellieMay on eBay, because they were available in the US for many years. But the rest . . . 


'Olu was actually the first, because we were able to buy him from Disney when his collection was brought over to the Polynesian during the COVID shut-downs. He's been a very lonely little fellow for a long time. We added Duffy and ShellieMay about a month ago, making a happy trio. But they were still lonely. That is, until a lovely pin friend and fellow PinPics member @sithathoriunet actually offered to take a larger suitcase on her recent trip to Hawaii -- just to do some shopping for us! She had one afternoon at Aulani, and she was able to pick up the cutest LinaBell, StellaLou and CookieAnn plush.

Aulani was out of Gelatoni, and being so close to a whole set . . . well, we just had to make it work out. We found an absolutely fabulous little fellow on eBay that had been purchased a few years ago from Tokyo DisneySea. Amazingly, he arrived the very same day that the box with the other three came. Here they are together!!!




So, is anyone else here a fan of Duffy and Friends? If so, do you have favorite characters? We'd love to hear about them!

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16 hours ago, sithathoriunet said:

They are THE CUTEST plush.  So glad I was able to help you complete the set!

Thanks! You really made our year! We have them sitting in a line on the bed every day and just have to admire them. 🙂

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4 hours ago, Evansun said:

I am living in Shanghai, surely they are the cutest band of bandits ever. my poor wallet.

I totally get you. Do you collect anything in particular with Duffy and Friends? 

Sis and I enjoy watching YouTube walkthroughs of Shanghai Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea to see all the Duffy and Friends fun.

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