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Clearing Cache and Cookies on Chrome on iPhone


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I'm having a hellacious time trying to log into my account on mobile. I use Chrome for iPhone and have spent about an hour trying to figure out how to delete cache and cookies for JUST the PinPics site as I don't want to delete them for all of my other logins.

I got it sorted out on Chrome for iOS which was also a headache, but the same strategy is not an option for iPhone.

If anyone else is struggling with this and is able to figure it out, please post a tutorial here. If I manage to figure it out, I'll do the same. 

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Update one: According to this link (from nearly six years ago), it isn't possible. I'm getting close to giving up and clearing ALL of my cookies and cache across all websites just so that I can log into this one.


Update two: I just cleared cookies, site data, and cached images and files for ALL websites for the past four weeks, and I still cannot log in on Chrome iOS. I changed my password and cleared cookies and cache just for PP on laptop and it worked. If I change the password again via mobile, then come back over and apply the new new password on non-mobile, maybe that will work?


SOLUTION (ish): This is what worked for me, in order:
-Cleared cookies and cache on PC/MAC

-Changed password

-Cleared all cookies and cache on iPhone for past four weeks (cannot find a way to clear for only one site) 

-Changed password on mobile site

-Signed out of both and logged back in with newest password

As a note to the admins-- I know you can't control this, but to provide feedback from a user perspective, it's a huge headache to be forced to log out of every single site used aside from PinPics just to be able to access it on mobile. If there's any way to avoid this for any future updates, considering a way to avoid this would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi! Sorry to hear of the issues. I don't have any mobiles, so no advice on that front. However, I can comment on the having to log out with a new site. I totally understand the headache of having to log in to all your sites, however, form the standpoint of launching an expanded site, there is no way to do it without having to have members log in. Also, security measures that are being updated regularly will cause you to log in again. Having to clear the cookies and cache is simply because this is a whole new piece of software added to the original site, and it simply needs to be updated on your device. Hopefully once each member is on, there won't be something like this until something big happens again. 


Interesting that you had to change your password on the PC an the Mobile, which would lead me to think that the Mobile stores and logs in differently. Great advice and thanks for actually posting the steps that worked for you! I will send others these instructions if I hear from other Mobile users having this issue!



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