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Hi Everyone!!!


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For your viewing pleasure, I've shared one of our favorite (and currently completed) collections; POH for DLR & DCA + a few from WDW & a galaxy far, far away! 😉


While we love DLR/DCA attraction pins, our other main display collections are princesses & disney-girlies like Alice, Kida, Katrina (for me) and NBC, stitch, brother bear, treasure planet, Atlantis, Fox & the Hound, Lion King, The Muppets (for my partner).


I typically only do multi-trades online bc of the cost of shipping 💀 but do 1-for-1s if we ever run into each other at a west coast event!!! 🤩



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Hi! Welcome to the forum!!

That is a fabulous collection. Wow! Those are some of our favorite pins, and you have an impressive display!!

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