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Returned to Pinpics

Professor Brown

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Ive returned to pinpics and look forward to trading with fellow Disney lovers.

I believe in fair pin trades, based on Edition Size and/or current going value on auction sites, so if a trade requires more than one pin on one of our ends, that’s great by me.

Im sorry to say that some of the eBay profiteers have taken some of the fun out of this for those of us who do it for real fun and enjoyment.

Looking forward to trading and I’ll be adding more weekly.

And thanks to all the fair & fun traders I’ve traded with in the past!

Happy Holiday Season, Everybody!


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Hope we might be able to trade one of these days. I will take a look at your Trades and Wants as see how we match up. You are welcome to look at what i have and make suggestions in case I miss something I my searches. If you happen to be in CA I trade at DLR most Tuesday Mornings in FrontierLand.

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