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New from FL and pretty New to Disney pin trading


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Hello! I've 'recently' gotten into disney pins (within 1.5 years or so), and traded for the first time back on December 23rd. I have watched many videos and am aware pins have been faked so I am very cautious about what I trade for. However my mother in law has bought me two bulk orders off of Amazon and my fiancée is very pessimistic while I am optimistic (but cautious) from what I have learned of the videos. So I am on here hoping to learn and try to figure out if the ones I am unsure of. I'm also wondering if there is someone who might be able to authenticate my pins in person.

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Hi, it's great to have you here on the forum!  You're wise to be careful about the bulk pins.  There's a board here on the forum called "Authentic?" set up especially for sharing pins that you're not sure about.  I would encourage you to take advantage of that.  Again, welcome!

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