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DIY Lightbox for Pin Pics 📷


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I'm settling in to take some photos tonight with my lightbox that I hacked together with items I had around the house. I thought others might be interested in my new portable setup.


This is a storage basket from Costco that has mesh pockets on the side. I've inserted a "Happy Lamp" for seasonal affective disorder (also from Costco) into the pocket at the top.


Pins are placed on a white craft foam background, with a small foam tile behind to hold the pin. Taking photos with my DSLR on manual exposure and daylight white balance.


So far I'm pretty pleased with how the photos are coming out! 📸






_MG_3145 edit small.jpg_MG_3149 edit small.jpg

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35 minutes ago, MesaVerdeDreamfinder said:

Very nice. Do you ever use a black background or is white the way to go for pins?


I have used black backgrounds in different setups, but the PinPics site specifically requires a white background for the database. Click here to read more about the photo guidelines.

I have a pretty good camera setup at my office, but I wanted something more portable that I could bring home with me to take pictures whenever I have a free moment... which isn't very often with a 3-year old at home! 😄  What's great is that everything in this "Lightbox" packs away flat, so it can store neatly under my bed or even get packed in a suitcase for trips to WDW...

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