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I'm questioning this pin


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It looks really good. The weight is also really good and I Don't notice any dips, I just want to double check





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One of the ways I try to authenticate pins is to put them side-by-side with a known authentic picture in a second browser window. Unfortunately, there are a few things that I could spot on your pin that would lead me to believe it is not authentic. 


  1. The jewel settings are wrong. On the authentic one the jewels are fully encircled by the round bezel
  2. Details in the starry sky. On the authentic one the largest star is clearly defined.
  3. Line thickness and crisp details. Using the right turret as an example, the line inside does not appear to be as crisp as the authentic one. This could be a focus issue, but given the issues with 1 and 2, it's worth mentioning as well for anyone else on the forums who is learning to authenticate pins.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 9.45.54 AM.png

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The bubbling on the back of the pin makes me think that it is not authentic.

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