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Two classifications for same National Geographic Pin?


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I purchased this pin at DLR in the park in November 2022. The back of my pin shows that it is a LE pin of 2300. SKU 465053552768 is a limited Release Pin while SKU 400950517274 is the LE 2300 pin. Does anyone know why there are two versions of the same pin (a Limited Release Pin as well as a LE pin)? Does anyone know if there are other Pins that have two versions, i.e., an Open Edition and Limited Release or Limited Release and Limited Edition etc.? 




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I can't seem to find a photo of the back of one that doesn't say LE 2300, or a photo of a backer card that doesn't say Limited Release. What I think I pieced together was that they were released at D23 that year, then appeared at Disneyland Parks shortly after that, then ShopDisney in December.


Disclaimer: I don't have any inside knowledge—everything below is purely conjecture, based on what a plausible scenario could be:


The different product SKUs could reflect two different inventory systems. Such as when the pin was released by ShopDisney. I have "Park Exclusive" pins that were purchased from ShopDisney Europe and they have a similar double barcode sticker over where the park SKU would go (see the blue card below).


The limited release/limited edition discrepancy might reflect the packaging being approved before a change in the back-stamp for production? I can't imagine they would have made a ton of these for the limited release... someone in the merchandise department might have flagged the low production number as being LE instead of LR and had that added after the backer cards were printed.


Hope that helps! 


The PinPics description for this pin needs to be updated if the details can be confirmed.




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Thank you for your detailed response kpop! I really appreciate it! I think I understand your plausible conjecture. Are you suggesting it's possible that while the pins were made as a Limited Edition the Backer Cards were printed as a Limited Release mistakenly? In your opinion, would all the pins from this National Geo Whale theme be Limited Edition or are there some that are Limited Release?




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Hello Dragon57. Yes, I do know that there is no # stamped on the back of the Limited Release pins thus differentiating them from Limited Edition pins which have the Limited # stamped on the back of the pin. What I was asking kpop is if it's possible that some of the Whale National Geo Pin have no Limited Edition # stamped on the back, indicating a different production run of the pin as a limited release pin. Thanks for your response Dragon57!

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