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Back of pin design evolution??


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Hi everyone I'm getting back into pin trading! I have a lanyard set I started in like 1st/2nd grade so all the pins are 2000 - 2003. Then I have another lanyard I was working on in like 7th/8th grade so all the pins are 2007 - 2008. I got all the pins in park at the time. 


I noticed that my early pins have some variations on the back with logos and stuff. I did cross reference to other listings of the same pins whose backs are the same as mine. I was wondering if there was an article or chart that shows how the backs of pins changed over the years? I can post some pics for reference. There's a 2001, 2002, 2003 that are all different. And some of my other older pins also just have the Disney copyright like the Aristocats pin. I didn't take a pic yet but I have a 2002 "Bare Necessaties" pin that also has a different back with music notes on it and a specific pin number. Thanks in advance, just trying to learn!







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Unfortunately Disney has done a ton of changes to the backs over the years. Even for the same pins released in different years. They have changes the patterns and logos and they are different park logos (ie. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo) for similar pins. I don't know of any article or chart that shows this but maybe someone else might.

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Hi! The back pattern and design of pins is such an interesting area of the hobby, in my opinion! Right now, a couple of us are working on creating a "guide" to the backs of pins. (I know, sort of funny, but so interesting!):


This is a work-in-progress, but we are working on getting pictures of examples of each different pattern/finish and the different logos, and pin styles, etc. that are found on Disney pins.


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