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Hello from El Centro California!


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Hello fellow pin traders! My name is Theresa, and I have an addiction to Disney pins. Ok I said it, but I feel you all can relate. I have read

many of the introduction posts and I feel in good company. I have been collecting pins since I was young. Lapel pins have always been a part of my family, they used to give them as awards to the local electric company employees so when my grandmother passed I went through all of her pins and in doing this I found she had Disney pins dating back to the 60’s and I never knew. But I digress. My collection is a hodgepodge of characters but I mostly collect Disneyland park attractions, Disney cats, chip and dale, eeyore and old Disney cartoons. Any way I had put away my pins and stopped trading pins when COVId hit because I was no longer going to Disneyland. But with Pin Pics revamping the website I am back here to get back in to trading. Have a good one everyone! 

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Welcome to PinPics!!! Thank you for choosing PinPics as your pin database......and it is so much more! We do Live Zoom meetings on Thursday nights at 7 pm EST. We go over how to use the site, show the new app that is in beta and answer questions live!!! You can also meet traders face to face including some of them here that welcomed you!

The link to register for the Live Zoom is on the homepage! Again thank you for using PinPics!

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