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We met Holland (aka Scoop) at Dayton Disneyana!


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We were at the Dayton Disneyana convention this weekend (and met a number of you) and had a great time. This was the first time that we finally got to meet Holland ( @ScoopsPins ), in person! We were really excited for this and happy to get a photo.




And we even got to have a close-up look at his amazing dogs, Butterscotch and Licorice. Here's Elizabeth holding them after their big moment of fame in the One o'clock Pin TalkWe got to try on his giant floor-length lanyard, too. Wow is it heavy!! Can't imagine spending hours in the park with that loaded with all those pins. It was so cool!




We didn't actually have time to take many photos at the event, but we did film Holland's fabulous talk. As soon as we've downloaded it and edited the slides in where they go, we'll be arranging to post that for everyone to watch at home.

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15 hours ago, ScoopsPins said:

I got to meet the world famous TWINS! AND their mom!


Thank you, Holland, for sending this photo (since we didn't get it on our camera)!!


This is Mom with Holland at the event.



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