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I have several pins that I can’t find.  A few I know are new and most likely won’t be in the database.  Most of them don’t have dates. I’m not sure whether Boba Fett & Planet Hollywood would be considered Disney pins so I wanted to know one way or the other.














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Hey so I couldn't find any pins on here but the Bruno is a 2024 loungefly Disney 100 pin, buzz is a loungfly accents, and Loki is a sculpted pin you can currently find on the online Disney store.

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The newer ones may not have been added yet.  You can try to add them. There are guides under the help tab.

@MicksMaster @TheTwins 

Help is on the way. lol They may find more than I could.

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I have a lot of newer pins, some older that are just sitting around because I haven’t got a clue how to add them.  I wouldn’t have been able to add the Shelly May without that link @TheTwins sent me.  The glove pin is similar to the dancing gloves but it’s actually a Run Disney pin.  I may be able to track it down that way.  I think the first one is one of the targets Hercules use when he was leaning to shoot.  Honestly I’m better at the descriptions than anything else.  I cross my fingers that the rest is good for the pin adding editors.  Hopefully I can learn something.  Otherwise….im going to make a point to trade with someone who is good at pin sleuthing and they are getting a zap lol!

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