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How to Add an Image to a Post (Topic, Reply, PM, etc.)


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When you want to add an image to a post, it is very easy! When you are posting (creating a topic, replying to a topic, or in a PM), click the "Choose Files" hyper link right below the typing space:




This opens a pop-up window that displays your computer drives and files. Choose whatever file you wish to add to your post. Then, your image appears in a thumbnail below the message area. If you want to add the image to a certain section of you post, click the "insert" button on the bottom corner of the image thumbnail:




When you click the "Insert" button, it adds the image in your post wherever your mouse cursor is sitting at the time you hit that button! If you do not hit the "Insert" button, any images you have attached will just be added at the bottom of the post when you actually post the reply/topic. After you add an image to your post, you can keep typing below it:




A nice feature to this software is the ability to remove an attached image during this process. Say you click the wrong image on your hard-drive, or you change your mind about wanting to include the selected photo . . . instead of having to start your reply/topic over . . . you just hit the "X" button at the top corner:





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