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How to Send a Private Message (PM)


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There are actually three ways to message a member. So you are in a board or thread and you see a member you want to send a private message to. . .


For the shortcut way . . . 1.) Use your pointer to hover over the member's name or avatar. This causes a pop-up box to appear.  2.) Click the "Message" button that is in the bottom left corner of the  pop-up window. This opens the Private Message window, where you can type your note! 




Another way is to go to a member's profile page and click the "Message" button in the center along the top of there page. This opens the same PM page where you can write your message!





The other way is to click the ENVELOPE button that is up in the top right corner near you profile links:




A pop-up menu appears and you select the Compose New button:




A blank PM message window appears. In the "To" field, start typing the username of the member you wish to message, and select their name from the drop-down list that will appear. 




All three of these ways achieve the same end result . . . a Private Message to another member! 

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