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Trading Guidelines


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Guidelines when pin trading online...


Before accepting a trade, always check trader's Feedback (if they don't have PinPics feedback, ask for references). 

  • Have the trade in writing, and confirm the trade by exchanging mailing addresses.
  • Plan on mailing the pin within 24-48 hours of the agreement.
  • If you do not plan on mailing the pin within 24-48 hours, you must notify the other person prior to accepting the trade. (You cannot hold onto your pin and wait for the other person’s pin to arrive first. This is discourteous and also unethical.)
  • Each trader is responsible for their pin(s) until the package reaches the final destination.
  • Verify the pin(s) you are sending does not have any missing pieces, broken pieces, major scratches, or broken dangles or hinges.
  • Package the pin with care and use a bubbled or padded packaging to send. You can find these materials at any office supply store. Do not use a common #10 business envelope. Make sure and wrap pins in foam or bubble wrap before placing in envelope so that the entire pin is padded to be thicker than the depth of the pin and pin post.
  • Make sure you provide a tracking number to the other party.
  • Allow plenty of travel time for the package to be mailed and do not assume the package will be at your doorstep overnight.


Communication is the key!

  • After shipping the package, email the trader the tracking number.
  • After you receive the pin(s), email the trader that the package arrived safely.
  • After the trade is completed, leave feedback on the PinPics Feedback page.
  • If you will be on vacation or there is an unexpected illness in the family, let the other trader know.


This is a great place to meet people. In most cases, the trades you make will be successful, if you take the time to communicate and verify before trading.



The most common reasons people file a complaint are:

  • The pin trade was made weeks ago, the pin hasn't arrived and the pin trader is not responding to email inquiries
  • The pin trader sent the wrong pin and refuses to correct the mistake
  • The pin trader sent a broken or damaged pin and refuses to replace the pin


Where do you file a compliant?

If you have attempted to communicate with the other trader, and the situation has not been resolved, send an email to molly@pinpics.com.


1. Complaints received against a Pin Pics member will be reviewed by a team of moderators.
2. The member will be notified via email of the review and will have the ability to respond to the complaints within a specified amount of time. Failure to respond may result in suspension from Pin Pics.
3. The Moderators will review the complaint on a case-by-case basis. If the person who has the complaint filed against them fails to communicate, or is found to have multiple bad selling/trading/buying practices, they will be suspended from Pin Pics. A temporary suspension may result in a permanent ban from PinPics.com.
4. If a member is suspended, any complaints they have must be resolved before they can be reinstated.
5. If the member is caught creating a new user name, the member can be banned permanently.

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