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How to Follow a Board/Thread and Receive Notifications


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If you want to "Follow" (which means "Watch") or you want to receive notifications of new posts in a thread or a board, here is how to go about it! 



1. Towards the top right (but below the search bar) there is a "Follow" button:




(Click the "Follow" if you want to choose how to be notified, or you can click the number, and see who else is following the thread/board.)


Click the "Follow" and a pop-up menu appears:




The pop-up menu gives you multiple options about how to receive notifications. Select which option you want and hit the "FOLLOW" button at the bottom right corner of the menu.


If you want to change your notification settings (how you receive notifications and if you want emails or just forum notifications, etc. . . . click the "Change how the notification is sent" hyperlink that is right under the top option on the pop-up menu! This takes you to your settings screen, which has lots of options:




I like the Pop-Up window when a new PM is received. I also like a notification email (sent to my email inbox) for each reply. However, you can choose an email per day with all the new content of your followed threads or an email per week, or no notifications at all (that means you would have to look at the little bell icon at the top right of your screen, near the Profile avatar, and see all the new replies to followed content). 

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