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My Hawaiian/Polynesian/Aulani Collection Boards


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Sarah here. I'm so excited about the new forum being live now, because Sis and I have been waiting to share pictures of our pin boards! To start with, I thought I'd post my very favorite one . . . it's actually three boards together that Sis painted for me. (She's absolutely amazing at painting decorative pin boards!)


My main collection is a combo of Hawaii, the Aulani Resort, Polynesian Resort, Moana, Duffy and Friends (centered around Aulani), Dole Whip, Ariel (particularly with her Dinglehopper) and It's a Small World (which started with the Hula Dancers and sort of grew a bit). There is a center board that is a full 3x2' size painted and decorated in a combo style of It's a Small World waves and Baby Moana.




On each side of that is a smaller board that is painted in matching colors with cutouts of Animator's Moana on each. The smaller board on the left holds the Small World pins, and the smaller board on the right currently has Dole Whip (though Ariel is soon going to have to move over there to make room for more Moana pins).





There are always more pins to add, so these board are missing a few . . . but I'll just have to post updated pictures again later. Pin collections are never complete. 🙂


(Oh, and "Nanea" is my Hawaiian American Girl doll who is also into Disney Pin Trading in a big way. She goes with us to Disney Springs, and it's amazing how many CMs and children just love to pin trade with a doll!)

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Thanks, everyone! We'll definitely be sharing some more collections/boards. I need to put up a couple pins, though, to make them complete. 🙂 Well, they're never complete . . . 

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On 11/29/2023 at 2:34 AM, vally said:

Beautiful pins and the boards are great.

Thanks! I have some new ones to add . . . then I'll have to post new pics.

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