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Having issues logging in to the new site?


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If you are experiencing any issues logging in to PinPics, please try these two easy steps -


1. Clear your Cache by hitting CTRL + F5


2. Delete the PinPics cookies in any/all browsers on your computer/device 


Then try logging in again. Most issues just need the cache cleared and the cookies reloaded. If you try these two steps and you still can't log in to PinPics, please just email thetwins at pinpics.com with a description of what is happening and screengrabs, if you can show what you are seeing. 


- To clear your cookies on a mobile phone - it should be under Settings and then choose the browser (like Safari).

- To clear cookies on the browser Microsoft Edge, click the three dots at the top right corner, and then "Settings" from the bottom of the drop-down menu that appears. You'll have "Cookies and Site Permissions" in the left column and click "Manage and delete cookies and site data" form the top center. Then four choices down is "See all cookies and site data" and that's where you'll find PinPics - delete all cookies for PinPics.

- If you are using another browser, look up on Google how to delete cookies. 🙂


Thanks for you patience and look forward to seeing you on the new site!



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